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Book Review: In The Beginning by John J Higgins


Book Review


Basic Details:

Book Title: In the Beginning

Subtitle: (The Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven #1)

Author: John J. Higgins

Genre: Religion/Mythical/Fantasy

Part of a series? Yes

Order in series: 1

Best read after earlier books in series? N/A



Overall score:

I scored this book 4/5

Short Summary of the book:

This is an alternative telling of Genesis, the first book in the Christian bible. We all know about the “In the beginning” and follow as the heavens, the universe and earth are created. In the book, we read about the archangels and other angels and how they came to be. Dinosaurs are also mentioned and, of course, Adam and Eve. Oh, don’t forget Lillith. Lucipherius, the first archangel plays an important role too in this book.

What I liked about the book:

Even though many people will have heard the story of how life came to be, this was an alternative way of looking at it and described the story from the point of view of the angels.

What I didn’t like about the book:

The first few chapters were a slow start, however, about halfway through the book, the pace increased and attention was easier kept.

My favourite bits in the book:

Jarahmael never seems to lose the kindness we all expect angels to possess.

My least favourite bits in the book:

The book told the first book of the bible in an alternative way.

Any further books in the series? Any more planned by this author?

I understand this is the first book in a 3-part series.

What books could this be compared to and why?

This book is tackling a subject not often tackled in this way. It is unique in the interpretation and viewpoint.


In summary, I would recommend this book for the following readers:




Young Adult





If you like to look at the story of Genesis in a different way, this book may be the book for you.


I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Book Description by Author:

Even a match made in Heaven can go awry. THE ARCHANGEL JARAHMAEL AND THE WAR TO CONQUER HEAVEN is the epic three-part story of the Creation of the Universe, told from the perspective of the Angels themselves. The first book of the trilogy, IN THE BEGINNING describes the initial creation and the establishment of the Seven Heavens and the Nine Orders of Angels, but it also tells of the first Humans, Lillith and Adam. Although they are quite literally a match made in Heaven, free will wreaks havoc with destiny when Lillith falls in love with the Archangel Jarahmael. Can love, as the very essence of the Almighty's Universe, survive free will? Or will love, when exposed to an untethered will, rip the Universe apart, pitting Good against Evil in a battle for all?

About the Author:

John J. Higgins is an attorney and former statewide prosecutor who has had a multi-faceted career and life. He has worked on farms, performed firearm repairs, and refinished and sold antiques, all before he finished high school. In between pursuing his college studies, he supervised industrial finishing operations and assisted in developing a powder coating system. After college, he worked fulltime and attended law school at night. He also filmed rock stars and celebrities for public service announcements and produced and emceed a play that performed before audiences that totaled over 170,000. In his career as an attorney, he researched and wrote policy papers for governmental committees, drafted legislation, and revised statutes. In his role as a statewide prosecutor he was involved in some of the highest profile cases in his state, from prosecuting multiple and complex crime rings to homicides, including those committed by a serial killer. Among other things he does in his private life, he can scuba dive and pilot an airplane. An avid student of history and spiritual development, he lives in New Jersey in an old Victorian train station he converted into his residence.

He can be reached at his website:

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