Sunday, 1 April 2018

Look for Me Under the Rainbow, review

Just finished #LookforMeUndertheRainbow  as early reader. A great book by @BernardJanWorld. #BookReview .

Another great book by this Croatian writer with a powerful message regarding conservation/animalprotection/environment. Certainly worth reading.

This book follows the story of a little seal pup Danny and his family and shows us the dangers that lurk out there for them. Not only in the form of natural challenges, but also very much so in the form of what we as humans throw their way. From the thoughtless killing of seal pups for their skins, just leaving their flesh to rot, to our fishing nets in which they can get tangled and killed.

A moving story, which also shows the heartache of the humans as part of the rainbow warriors, who try to do what they can to protect and save them.

Worth getting once it comes out.

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